GLUETEC Research & Development

At the Greußenheim (Germany) site, a team of five chemists and laboratory assistants, trained in the field, develops new adhesive formulations in their own state-of-the-art laboratory. The goal is to create user-friendly adhesives with unique selling propositions that serve individual customer applications in a wide variety of industries.

Labor GLUETEC Germany
Laboratory GLUETEC Germany

The hoof adhesive BLOCK BOND ECO® was developed by GLUETEC Industrial Adhesives especially for claw care. Tests in the laboratory, on the living cow and their claws have proven that BLOCK BOND ECO® lives up to its promise. The novel recipe is unique and has already been applied for a patent.

Innovative Rezepturen
Innovative formulations

As an innovative and future-oriented adhesive supplier, GLUETEC is committed to protecting users and protecting the environment. Our production plant WIKO Klebetechnik is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 Quality Management and DIN ISO 14001 Environmental Management; This includes the continuous saving of water, waste, energy and material use as well as the reduction of CO2.

GLUETEC Green Line

Compared to conventional adhesives, the adhesive BLOCK BOND ECO® has following features:

  • Very good performance despite the lowest possible proportion of hazardous substances
  • Especially user-friendly
  • More health protection through reduced risk potential
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable

The hoof adhesive BLOCK BOND ECO® belongs to the product range of the GLUETEC GREEN LINE. By optimizing the formulation, harmful components have been replaced. GREEN LINE products not only protect the environment and the health of users, but also significantly reduce costs for occupational safety measures and disposal.

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