Especially fast. Especially strong.

  • One of the fastest hoof adhesives on the market
  • Balanced system: extremely strong and extremely fast fixing time
  • Resistant to urea (urine)
  • Particularly high strength: substrate breakage during the twist off test. In the application of stronger forces the wood workpiece breaks rather than the bond itself!

Simple application

  • Universal and uncomplicated hoof adhesive even for difficult working conditions
  • Excellent wetting of the surfaces to be bonded
  • High adhesive strength and tough elastic consistency
  • High reliability of bonding during the healing process
  • Special cartridges and mixing nozzles: complete emptying of the cartridge and mixing of the two components only at the end of the mixer.

Maximal temperature independent

  • Processing also suitable for extreme ambient temperatures up to +40 ° C
  • High storage stability: stable for 12 month
  • Frost proof product: storage at -10 ° C to +23 ° C

German quality product

  • Development and production from one single source
  • Sales directly from the German producer
  • Short transport routes – fresh glue
  • Consistently high product quality

Maximal user and cow friendly

  • Complete waiving of carcinogenic and toxic ingredients
  • Patent pending, innovative formula
  • Meets all strict requirements and regulatory restrictions of the REACH-Regulation