BBECO Anwendung
Application of hoof glue to wooden block

To use BLOCK BOND ECO® you need the cartridges and mixer systems tested and approved by GLUETEC. Please use only the appropriate dosing gun DPM200M, which was specially developed for the cartridge, and the original BLOCK BOND ECO® mixing spouts. The use of other mixers or dispensing guns is a misuse and can damage the cartridge. This is expressly not a reason for complaint. Avoid skin contact with the uncured adhesive and wear protective clothing.


1. Before usage: Have the cartridge, mixer, dosing gun and wooden blocks ready. Clean the cow hoof before gluing. The hoof should be as clean and dry as possible.

2. Insert the cartridge into the dispensing gun: Insert the cartridge into the holder of the dispensing gun until it engages with a click. The cow logo should point upwards so that the level indicator on the cartridge is visible.

3. Unscrew the gray cover of the cartridge and screw the mixture spout there.

4. Before applying to the block, press out a small amount of adhesive to get the best mix of both components. Hold the dispensing gun with the tip down, start to squeeze and squeeze a small bead of glue onto a clean paper or cloth.

5. Now place the hoof adhesive BLOCK BOND ECO® on the dry and clean wooden block. The amount of glue needed depends on the condition of the hoof: Level hooves require very little glue. Hooves with a large groove require slightly more adhesive to ensure optimal adhesion.

6. After squeezing the gun, press the latch to release.

7. Now you have 15 sec. until the hoof adhesive BLOCK BOND ECO® starts to harden. Now place the block on the hoof and lightly press it. Between hoof and block of wood should be a layer of 3 mm adhesive optimally.

8. Do not move the block anymore! Fix the block with your finger for about 10 sec. against slipping.

9. Depending on the outside temperature and the layer thickness, the adhesive needs about 2:30 min to dry. Time to full load of the hoof approx. 3:30 min.

10. Test: As soon as you can not press a notch into the hoof adhesive BLOCK BOND ECO®, the block is ready to be loaded.

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