BLOCK BOND ECO® Hoof Adhesive

Experience the benefits of the latest generation of hoof glue.

Especially fast

Work very efficiently. Joining time 15-25 sec. / Hand time: 10 sec. / Fixing time: 2:00 - 2:30 min

Especially strong

Extremely strong and unsolvable bonds. High reliability of bonding during healing.

Especially safe

Formulation without carcinogenic hazardous substances. High health protection for users and cows.

Fresh premium quality

German manufacturer. Latest scientific research. High quality. Fresh product. Long durability.

Summer & winter

Can be used in any season from -10 ° C to + 40 ° C, no crystallization in freezing temperatures.


BLOCK BOND ECO© Hoof glue for cows 200 ml


Professional hoof care

Regular, professional hoof care in the entire cattle herd is verifiably to the success of the livestock business. Both too small and uneven hoof wear, as well as overstressing individual hooves, lead to pain and can minimize the efficiency of the farm animal. Prevention and healing support are the keywords here. Diseases like Mortellaro, sole ulcers, insole bleeding, etc. can be prevented and treated with the right, expert hoof care.

Hoof care should only be performed by a professional specialist (please refer to the step-by-step instructions). If the hoof care with hoof cut does not ensure sufficient relief of the diseased hoof, a hoof block is used. Hoof blocks are the most important tool for achieving rapid and effective pain relief on diseased hooves and optimally supporting the hoof’s healing process. The hoof block is used preventively to relieve the hoof and to heal already affected hooves. BLOCK BOND ECO® ensures that the block sticks to the hoof permanently – so the claw has enough time to heal completely.

The two-component polyurethane adhesive BLOCK BOND ECO® is specially developed for hoof care as well as safe and fast bonding of wooden blocks with cattle hooves. The main advantage is the high strength and the fast application.

The patent pending BLOCK BOND ECO® recipe completely dispenses carcinogenic ingredients. The complete omission of the label H351 “Suspected of causing cancer” is a breakthrough for the user and the cow! Thus, BLOCK BOND ECO® is one of the most user-friendly and cow-friendly hoof adhesive on the market.

Of particular note in the new adhesive technology is the increased performance in the hoof care, the easy and quick application as well as the optimal healing support for the cow.


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